Countries Imposing Sanctions Could be Indicted

Countries Imposing Sanctions Could be IndictedCountries Imposing Sanctions Could be Indicted

Deputy head of Iran’s Human Rights Headquarters for international affairs, Kazem Gharibabadi, says Tehran reserves the right to file complaints with international courts against countries that imposed sanctions against the country.

“Given the contradiction of the sanctions with human rights principles, countries which impose sanctions should be legally responsible,” Gharibabadi said, addressing a roundtable in Tehran on the impact of sanctions on human rights on Saturday, Fars News Agency reported.

Stressing that sanctions are like weapons for the harm they inflict on ordinary people, he said they also affect the development of nations’ infrastructure and create frustration.

“Such impacts manifest themselves in malnutrition, increased rate of infant mortality at labor and miscarriage, declining public health, unemployment and shortage of goods,” he said.

In remarks in 2014, Vice President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh criticized the West’s unilateral sanctions against Iran, calling the restrictions an international crime that threatens global security.

“The wide-ranging sanctions which are coercive, unilateral and international can and should be regarded as an international crime in view of their vast destructive and inhumane impact,” she said.