Gov't Seeks Counsel as a Matter of Policy

Gov't Seeks Counsel  as a Matter of Policy Gov't Seeks Counsel  as a Matter of Policy

President Hassan Rouhani says his government as a matter of policy and in its efforts to fulfill his election promises, has never taken a decision or move without consulting with, and taking advice from, experts.

"This government honors all the promises it gave to the people and has never taken an important step without consulting experts," IRNA quoted him as saying.

The president was addressing a meeting with clerics on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan in Tehran on Saturday, where he listed the achievements of his three-year-old administration.

"Despite the fact that [some] countries in the region are facing [security] problems, the Islamic Republic of Iran, enjoying stability, progresses toward development," he said.

The country has great strength, including its strategic position and an educated workforce, which should be fully exploited to help accelerate growth and progress, he added.

Rouhani said under his watch, the nation is in a better position in terms of economy, politics, scientific progress and healthcare.

"For the first time [since the Islamic Revolution of 1979], our trade surplus is positive," he said, explaining, "Last year [ended in March], we had a trade surplus of over $900 million."

"With regard to the growth of scientific [publications], Iran is currently fourth in the world," he noted. All Iranians, he said, are now under the health insurance umbrella.

  Focus on Prosperity

The government will continue to focus on economic growth and prosperity in the Iranian calendar year, the president said referring to his declared policy of improving the quality of life and welfare of the masses.

Under Rouhani Iran clinched the long-awaited nuclear agreement with the six world powers (five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany), which eased the punitive international sanctions in exchange for temporary curbs on its nuclear program.

The July 2015 deal put an end to the 12-year dispute over Iran's nuclear activities with western powers accusing Iran of trying to build a nuclear bomb under the guise of its civilian nuclear program.

Tehran over the years had, at the highest levels of political power, stressed that its nuclear program is geared to peaceful purposes.