Majlis Urges Action on Israeli Crimes

Majlis Urges Action on Israeli Crimes  Majlis Urges Action on Israeli Crimes

In a statement signed by 245 members of parliament on Sunday, international organizations, particularly the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), were called on to condemn the Zionists' inhumane actions.

Read out by Zargham Sadeqi, a member of the Majlis presiding board, the statement said, "The occupying regime has committed the most ferocious actions in the sacred land of al-Quds, the home to divine religions and Al-Aqsa Mosque," IRNA reported.  

The parliamentarians also called for preventive measures and resistance against Israel to stop the inhumane actions of the regime.

"The deadly silence of some state leaders and the criminal and brutal actions of the deviant Islamic State terrorist group have provided an appropriate opportunity for the Zionists to commit unforgivable shameless and insulting actions in Al-Aqsa Mosque which have hurt the feelings of Muslims and the freedom-seekers of the world," the statement read.

"We, the Majlis representatives, appeal to all international organizations and particularly the IPU to condemn the hateful actions of Israeli regime and adopt preventive measures to stop the inhumane actions of the regime through adopting a firm decision."

  Call for IPU Response

In a separate development, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani warned of the Zionists' plot for the Judaization of the al-Quds and called for serious and prompt measures by Muslim countries and international organizations, such as the IPU.

"Terrorists persistently create clashes with Muslims in Islamic countries, and some of their very coward actions were witnessed during the religious ritual of Ashura," he said at an open session of parliament on Sunday, the Mehr news agency reported. Larijani said, "In addition, they have prepared the ground for the Zionist regime to take offensive and sacrilegious actions toward Al-Aqsa Mosque, which broke the hearts of Muslims around the world."

The Majlis speaker said, "Islamic countries should be awakened and stand up to the plots hatched by this illegitimate regime and express sympathy with the oppressed Palestinian nation."

Lawmakers expressed their support for Larijani's remarks at the end of his speech.