New Parliament Will Labor for Economic Wellbeing

New Parliament Will Labor for Economic Wellbeing New Parliament Will Labor for Economic Wellbeing

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the three branches of government need to close ranks to put a permanent end to the economic hardships of the masses.

Larijani told state television late Tuesday that the solution to the country's economic ills is the Resistance Economy, a set of policy recommendations by the Leader to wean Iran off the heavy dependence on oil export revenues by boosting domestic production and export.

He said that the "major concern of the new legislature is the economic wellbeing of the people" and the new assembly "will do its best to help improve the people's livelihood."

"Our first objective [in the Majlis] is [to finalize] the next economic development plan [2016-21] which defines the future course of action on the basis of the Resistance Economy," ICANA quoted him as saying.

Larijani said another task ahead is reforming laws to help improve Iran's position in the World Bank's ease of doing business ranking to encourage domestic and foreign investment and increase exports.

  Improving the Business Climate

"Iran's status [among other nations] in the ease of doing business ranking is not good, which means there are cumbersome laws... that (negatively) affect the motivation of investors."

According to the World Bank, Tehran stands 118 in the ranking in 2016, out of 189 economies.

The senior lawmaker said the other priority is fighting the smuggling of goods that "cripples" domestic production.

"We should determine whether the laws need to be changed or the way they are enforced."

On average, more than $20 billion worth of goods are smuggled in and out of the country every year, the Central Taskforce to Combat Smuggling of Goods and Foreign Currency has announced.

Successive governments have tried and failed to tackle the huge smuggling problem of everything from aspirin to artifacts.

Experts and observers are at a loss to know how such huge amounts are smuggled despite the strong presence of law enforcement forces and tens of state supervisory bodies.

  Extensive Expertise

Larijani said the new parliamentarians have a wide range of expertise and are determined to tackle the country's problems, especially those related to the economy.   

"I hope with help from the people and collaboration of the [three] branches of power, the country will move forward."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with the new lawmakers last week, urged them prioritize the implementation of the Resistance Economy.

"Legislators can play an influential role in the implementation of the Resistance Economy because they can ensure that the government's economic policy is in line with the path set by the Resistance Economy. They should demand this from the government," he said.