Bahrain’s Spying, Meddling Charges Denied

Bahrain’s Spying, Meddling Charges DeniedBahrain’s Spying, Meddling Charges Denied

Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected espionage and meddling allegations by Bahrain against Iran as “unfounded”.

An appeals court in Bahrain on Sunday upheld the life sentences as well as the citizenship revocation of five Shia activists over allegations that they had been “spying for Iran” and planning attacks in the country. Last November, a Bahraini court handed down life sentences to the men after convicting them of “spying for Iran” and seeking to carry out hostile acts against Bahrain, Press TV reported. “Since the outset of popular protests in Bahrain, the country’s government has been seeking to divert the public opinion from this country’s internal crisis by leveling fabricated and delusive accusations against some countries,” an unnamed source at the Foreign Ministry said on Monday. The source added that such claims by the Bahraini government are an attempt to evade accountability on the charges of human rights violations in the tiny Persian Gulf island.