Economic Prosperity Prime Concern of Gov’t

Economic Prosperity Prime Concern of Gov’tEconomic Prosperity Prime Concern of Gov’t

President Hassan Rouhani said the top challenge facing the country is to create an economic boom and generate youth employment by striving to rebuild links with the international community.

"Creating an economic boom and jobs for the youth is the top priority of the country and the prime goal of the government," Rouhani was quoted as saying by IRNA.

Addressing a public gathering in West Azarbaijan Province on Monday, the president noted that unity and cooperation among various segments of the society are crucial to realizing "this national goal."

The president pointed to stunning gains by his supporters against rival conservatives in the February elections for parliament and an influential clerical body, namely the Assembly of Experts, saying the people's vote was a repudiation of "violence and extremism" and approval of the government's efforts to mend foreign relations.

"By their votes in the popular polls, the Iranian people rejected violence and extremism, and announced that they favor development and progress rather than fiery rhetoric leading to rifts with other countries," he said.

A joint list of candidates fielded by reformists and Rouhani's moderate backers claimed all the 30 seats belonging to Tehran, the most influential constituency in the 290-member parliament.

The coalition achieved narrow victories in other cities as well, ending conservatives' longstanding grip over the legislature.

Pro-government hopefuls in the vote for the Assembly of Experts, tasked with monitoring the work of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution as well as removing and appointing him if need be, also won a solid majority of the assembly's seats representing Tehran Province.

Conservatives have been outspoken in their criticism of Rouhani's plans to boost the ailing economy on the back of momentum created to restore relations with the international community and attract foreign investment after the lifting of sanctions in January.

The sanctions relief was granted under the July 2015 nuclear deal with major powers in return for temporary curbs on Tehran's nuclear activities.

They are concerned that such policies would undermine anti-western sentiments central to the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic.

"There is no honor in acting in a way that provokes our enemies and rivals to unite against us, resulting in a situation that even our old friends turn against us and go along with the United States to vote for sanctions," the president said.