Saudi Hackers Led Cyberattack on Gov’t Website

Saudi Hackers Led Cyberattack on Gov’t WebsiteSaudi Hackers Led Cyberattack on Gov’t Website

Head of Iran’s cyber police (FATA) Lieutenant General Kamal Hadianfar announced that the recent cyberattack on a government website was conducted by Saudi hackers.

“We monitored a cyberattack on May 24, which was conducted from three countries and led by hackers in Saudi Arabia, and they launched covert attacks on the Statistical Center of Iran and, of course, such an attack is not important technically,” Hadianfar told reporters in Tehran on Sunday, Fars News Agency reported.

He dismissed any links between the hackers and the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group and said, “[One of the hackers] already had a hacking record and was identified by FATA.”

Hadianfar rejected Iran’s retaliatory measures against Saudi Arabia and said Tehran has sent the IPs to Interpol and the Saudi cyber police, and is pursuing the case but there is no reason to think that the Saudi government has been involved in the attack. Head of the Civil Defense Organization Lieutenant General Gholamreza Jalali said on Saturday a group of Saudi hackers had launched cyberattacks on a number of Iranian government websites, but failed to inflict any major damage.