Renewed Backing for Muslim Unity

Renewed Backing for Muslim Unity
Renewed Backing for Muslim Unity

Based on its policies, Iran seeks unity between Sunnis and Shias, the two major Islamic sects, a senior official said.

"Iran supports any effort made for fostering unity and harmony among Muslims," said the head of the Center for Strategic Research at the Expediency Council.

In a Monday meeting with a delegation of Indonesian Sunni clerics and figures, Ali Akbar Velayati pointed to takfiris, the extremist groups who accuse followers of some Islamic sects of being apostates, and said attempts to reinforce such terrorist groups are made to divide Muslims for the benefit of colonialist powers.

"In their new way of intrusion, colonialist governments form takfiri groups and equip them," Velayati was quoted as saying by IRNA.

"Wars have been deliberately waged in Syria, Iraq and other regions to create tensions between Sunnis and Shias," he added, reminding that the takfiri phenomenon can surface anywhere in the Muslim world, including Africa and Asia. The official referred to attempts in Indonesia against Shia Muslims and said "no schism appeared as a result, thanks to the vigilance of Indonesians".

"The fact that you visit Iran and attend various events here is an obvious and actual testimony to the unity between Sunnis and Shias," he told the Sunni clerics attending the meeting.

Velayati noted that since the victory of Islamic Revolution, Iran and Indonesia have always expanded their mutual ties.

"As the biggest Islamic country and a pioneer of the Non-Aligned Movement, Indonesia is expected to play a more prominent role than before to help achieve Islam's objectives," he said.