Larijani Outlines Development Model

Larijani Outlines Development ModelLarijani Outlines Development Model

Senior lawmaker Ali Larijani presented the general outlines of a model for national development.   

Speaking in a meeting of new parliamentarians on Friday, Larijani noted that cultural development should be based on religious thinking.

"A few days ago, I heard an official paid a visit to Grand Ayatollah Sistani [Iraq's top Shia cleric] and asked for an advice, which he received: Correct your attitude toward people to invite them to religion. Therefore I call for a cultural jihad that would correct policy and economy in turn," ICANA quoted him as saying.

Political development was Larijani's next topic, which he said should be based on religious democracy.

"In a democracy, which is the ruling system in our country, disagreements happen naturally and serve as a progressive force. However, democracy is complete only under the rule of jurisprudence and religious guidance," he said.

  Int'l Connections Build Strength

As for diplomatic development, Larijani said it depends on national sovereignty.

"In the past, a GDP-based economic development and human development served as indices to measure progress of countries. But today, they cannot guarantee real development if not supported by an efficient government. Unless connected to other nations, we will not be strong," he said.

The next principle Larijani elaborated on was "indigenization" as a basis for scientific development.

He then criticized the voluminous body of the government, which is consuming 90% of the national budget, leaving only 10% for development.  Larijani pointed out that a systematic management is missing in the administration.

"There are senior managers in developed states that remain in ministries, no matter which ministers come and go," he said.

The senior lawmaker reminded that excessive regulations will scare investors away.

"Iran ranks 130th among 189 countries on the World Bank's ease of doing business index. This is due to unnecessary regulations … Georgia is where an investor can complete business procedures in 48 hours, while it takes 200 days in Iran for a similar investment business," he said.  

Larijani said Resistance Economy is the foundation for economic development.

"Germany was razed to the ground in 1945, but by 1965, it became the second largest economy in the world. Such an achievement demands a revolutionary spirit," he said.

Resistance Economy is a set of principles proposed by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei aimed at boosting domestic production and self-reliance, and weaning the country off oil revenues to build a resilient economy unaffected by any foreign political pressure.