Larijani Endorses Moderation, Prudence

Larijani  Endorses Moderation, Prudence Larijani  Endorses Moderation, Prudence

The outgoing parliament speaker, who was reelected in the recent elections of the new Majlis that will officially convene on Saturday, said the Islamic Republic's policies should be driven by moderation and prudence.

Ali Larijani faced strong criticism from fellow conservatives when he was included in the list of candidates fielded by the rival camp of reformists for the February parliamentary elections, known as "List of Hope", IRNA reported.

In the February vote, hopefuls on the list, jointly issued by an alliance of reformists and supporters of moderate President Hassan Rouhani, won all the 30 seats representing Tehran in the parliament, thereby blocking all prominent conservative figures.

"I'd like to note that I did not request to be included in the List of Hope or any other list, and had announced I would run in the election as an independent candidate," Larijani told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Wednesday.

"Our approach to the running of the country should be based on moderation and prudence, and I will support any individual or group that shares such a view. I welcome any political agenda that rejects involvement in any commotion and follows the path of prudence."

The senior lawmaker outlined the highlights of the outgoing parliament's record on his watch over the past four years.

"The Majlis played a significant role during the two years of negotiations leading to the July 14, 2015, nuclear deal with major powers, which went into force six months later to lift crippling sanctions in return for scaling back Tehran's nuclear program," he said.

Larijani noted that during his tenure, the Majlis built up close parliamentary ties with its European and East Asian counterparts.