Majlis Holds Closing Session

Majlis Holds Closing Session  Majlis Holds Closing Session

The closing session of the outgoing parliament was held on Tuesday, starting the countdown to the opening of the next parliament on Saturday.

Speaking in the meeting, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the current Majlis, during its four-year term, made huge efforts to help advance the interests of the country in a sensitive international situation, when nuclear negotiations were underway and regional crises escalated.

In the domestic scene, Larijani said the parliament tried to help solve major economic problems by promoting Resistance Economy, a set of policies to promote self-reliance and wean the country of heavy dependence on oil, IRNA reported.

The two rounds of the vote for the 290-member parliament were held in February and April. The total returns suggested the List of Hope, an alliance of reformists and government allies, secured a simple majority in the next Majlis.

According to a tally by ISNA, 120 winners were included in the List of Hope, while only 83 seats belong to principlists, who had the absolute majority in the past three parliaments and the rest belong to independents.

Election winners of the reformist-government backer alliance and newly-elected lawmakers of the principlist camp have held meetings in recent weeks, in preparation for the formation of their parliamentary factions.

They have been lobbying to attract more lawmakers to become the stronger parliamentary bloc.

Since both sides failed to gain an outright majority of the parliament, independents will decide the final clout of the two factions.

The next meeting of the "hope" faction is to be held today, while principlists have not announced a specific date for their upcoming gathering and said it will be this week.

The two major groups should also decide their candidates for the chairmanship of the assembly and other key positions.