KRG Minister, Kurdestan Official Confer

KRG Minister, Kurdestan Official ConferKRG Minister, Kurdestan Official Confer

Governor General of Iran’s Kurdestan Province Abdolmohammad Zahedi met Kurdistan Regional Government’s Interior Minister Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari in the Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital Erbil on Wednesday.

In the meeting, Sinjari called ties between Iran and KRG “strategic” and of vital significance.

“We always pursue development and expansion of our mutual ties,” IRNA quoted Sinjari as saying. “We will always remember Iran’s aid to the people of Iraqi Kurdistan in years of hardship.”

The minister noted that KRG should control a long stretch of border regions in an all-out war with the self-styled Islamic State militant group.

“A 1.8 million-strong army is defending the integrity of the country whose people are committed to fighting against IS until eradication of the terrorist group. But the war has taken its toll on our economy,” he said

Zahedi reassured Sinjari that both countries are interdependent in terms of security.

“As Muslims and countries of the region, we’re up against a common enemy known as IS … Thus, our cooperation in security affairs is of crucial importance.”