Shaheed’s Reports “Legally Baseless”

Shaheed’s Reports “Legally Baseless”Shaheed’s Reports “Legally Baseless”

A member of Majlis Judicial and Legal Commission dismissed as “legally baseless” the UN special rapporteur’s reports on the situation of human rights in Iran. Speaking to ICANA on Wednesday, Abolfazl Aboutorabi also argued that Ahmed Shaheed, UN special rapporteur for human rights in Iran, has been bribed by Saudi Arabia to adopt politically motivated stances against Iran. On May 4, Shaheed appeared before members of the Canadian Senate Committee on Human Rights and presented a bleak report on allegedly widespread human rights violations in Iran. “He is in fact following a series of political interests. Because of the bribes he has received from Saudi Arabia, he lacks the competence to comment on Iran. We cannot put our trust in him,” Aboutorabi said. He spoke of certain evidence proving that the bribery has been made for him to comment against Iran.  “Justice has not been served with Shaheed’s comments,” he said. In its political background, Canada has records of opposition to Iran, including the closure of its embassy in Tehran in 2012.