Int’l Opposition to Israeli Settlements Welcome

Int’l Opposition to Israeli Settlements WelcomeInt’l Opposition to Israeli Settlements Welcome

Iran welcomed the growing wave of international opposition to Israel’s continued illegal settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories. “The Islamic Republic of Iran … sees the intensification of global opposition to this [Israeli] regime’s illegal and inhuman actions, including settlement construction as a good omen and calls for international action for putting an end to the conspiracies” of Israel against the Palestinian nation, the Foreign Ministry said in a Monday statement marking Nakba Day, which marks the 1948 mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homes. The statement reaffirmed Iran’s support for “national reconciliation and solidarity” of Palestinians in countering Israel, Press TV reported.  The Foreign Ministry expressed hope that Muslim nations would throw their weight behind efforts by Palestinian resistance groups and people aimed at ending the Israeli occupation and achieving national unity.