US Allegations of Cyberattacks Baseless

US Allegations of Cyberattacks Baseless    US Allegations of Cyberattacks Baseless

In reaction to a bill recently brought before the US Congress to sanction Iran over its alleged role in “cyberattacks” against the US, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, said the accusations by US officials against Iran are baseless.  “They just want to put more pressure on Iran,” he said. The legislation proposed on May 12 in the US Congress called on President Barack Obama to impose new sanctions against the Iranians allegedly involved in cyberattacks against American targets.  Republican Representative John Ratcliffe urged the Obama administration to take action against what he called Iran’s state-sponsored hackers. “There is no doubt that in cyberspace, Iran defends its national interests. The US government acts against Iran, both in virtual and actual worlds,” Boroujerdi said in a recent interview with ICANA. “The attempt by the US Congress to use cyber attacks as a pretext to impose new sanctions against Iran indicates the country’s hostile approach toward Iran. This has been confirmed by their actions on several occasions,” he said. Boroujerdi stressed that Iran will do its best in acquiring and expanding new sciences, despite measures like sanctions to create obstacles for the country.