Four Envoys Present Credentials

Four Envoys Present CredentialsFour Envoys Present Credentials

Ambassadors of four countries submitted their credentials to President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday.

France's Francois Senemaud, Indonesia's Kata Venu Alimudin, Azerbaijan's Bunyad Hasanov and Slovakia's Lubomir Golian met Rouhani in Tehran, according to

In the meeting with Senemaud, Rouhani said the rapid implementation of economic agreements reached during his last January trip to France is of top importance.

"Very important agreements were signed to develop mutual cooperation [in various fields], including banking, the quick implementation of which will pave the way for broadening relations, especially between the private sectors of the two countries," he said.

The president visited France on January 28 and signed massive agreements worth up to $27 billion and said "a new chapter in our relationship has been opened."

Rouhani also touched on regional conflicts, stressing the need for promoting peace in the region, which he said is to the benefit of Tehran and Paris.

"Iran and France can play a key role in strengthening calm in the region," he said.

Senemaud said Paris is committed to deepen Tehran ties and it is doing its best to remove obstacles on this path.

"The French government and private firms are willing to contribute to Iranian development projects and implement joint plans," he said.