Parliamentary Agenda of Reformists Outlined

Parliamentary Agenda of Reformists OutlinedParliamentary Agenda of Reformists Outlined

A recently elected lawmaker explained the reformists' objective in the next parliament that will open on May 28.

Soheila Jelodarzadeh also told IRNA on Monday that economy will be the main concern of reformist lawmakers.

"For the country's development and settlement of economic problems, we should change [the parliament's] attitude," she said.

The legislator said the ground is prepared for broader collaboration between the parliament and government, and its closer alignment with the Iranian people's demands.

"Reformist lawmakers do not want to repeat the experience of the incumbent Majlis."

Jelodarzadeh said in the sitting parliament, some lawmakers only pursue partisan interests and have been creating obstacles for the government and ignoring public opinion, which was the reason why 70% of parliamentarians lost their seats in the recent parliamentary elections.

"We are quite aware that the problems of the country will not be solved by troubling the government," she said.

"These issues will be solved through the interaction [of the parliament] with the government and its proper oversight, which is the duty of the assembly."

The two rounds of recent legislative votes were held in February and April. The returns showed that the List of Hope, an alliance of reformists and pro-government forces, secured a simple majority and put an end to the 12-year dominance of principlists.