Iran a Reliable Partner for Int’l Community

Iran a Reliable Partner  for Int’l Community Iran a Reliable Partner  for Int’l Community

President Hassan Rouhani said the international community regards Iran as a "reliable partner".

"Today, Iran is a reliable partner for the world community and despite the enemies' propaganda campaign, the world's countries have confidence in Iran," the president said in a meeting with Iranian ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Tehran on Sunday, reported.

He stressed that "Iran has never taken advantage of unrest and insecurity in neighboring countries [to pursue its objectives] and has always provided assistance to regional countries and people."

Rouhani said the Islamic Republic adopted the policy of developing "constructive interaction" with the world to counter Iranophobia.

The chief executive noted that in line with this policy, Iran engaged in talks with world powers to help resolve the dispute over its nuclear program and "today, everybody admits that Iran's nuclear activities are in compliance with international regulations and agreements."

Rouhani said enhancing economic relations with other countries is one of the ways of dealing with Iranophobia, stressing that "economic prosperity" will help the nuclear deal with major powers become a lasting pact.

The president highlighted the role of envoys to foreign countries and international organizations, noting that the ambassadors' "main mission" is to promote Iran's potential for economic partnership.

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [the official title of the nuclear accord] and the removal of sanctions paved the way for increased interaction with the world to attract investment, financial facilities and technology," he said.

"Iranian ambassadors should properly explain the capacities and opportunities in the country to foreign investors."

Pointing to the main challenges facing the country, Rouhani said implementation of plans to reduce unemployment and create jobs for the youth is a top priority of the government.