Parliament Boosts Defense Budget

Parliament Boosts Defense BudgetParliament Boosts Defense Budget

Parliament has increased the annual budget of armed forces to boost the fight against criminals and terrorist cells across the country, according to the top lawmaker.

“This year, in order to strengthen the defense power of the police, we have increased the force’s budget,” Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani told reporters on Monday, Tasnim News Agency reported.

The speaker said that in addition to the police, parliament has raised the budget of other armed forces to counter outlaws and terrorist cells, which endanger the country’s security.

Larijani noted that the increase is also aimed at boosting security along borders.

Last week, parliamentarians approved a bill that obliges the administration to allocate 5% of the annual state public budget to the defense sector, starting from the current Iranian year (which began on March 20).

In late March, the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei underscored the need for boosting defense capabilities, warning that enemies are making use of every tool available to undermine the Islamic Republic.