Secure Conditions Help Attract Foreign Investment

Secure Conditions Help Attract Foreign Investment  Secure Conditions Help Attract Foreign Investment

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Sunday that foreign investors are coming to Iran thanks to the safety and security in the country.

"We need to bolster the security more than before because of its great importance," he said.

Addressing a group of police commanders in Tehran, he said police have played a vital role in establishing security and promoting the Resistance Economy, IRNA reported.  

The Resistance Economy is a set of principles outlined by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei aimed at bolstering domestic production, curbing dependence on oil exports, improving productivity and encouraging Iranians to buy domestically-manufactured goods.

The minister said pursuing the decree issued by the Leader and relying on the rule of law have a leading role in attaining national objectives.

"We are now living in a society with diverse cultures, ethnicity and religions and no manager can (alone) handle such diversity."

Police along with other sectors should abide by the law in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, he stressed.

Police should be tough on intruders and law breakers while being kind to the people, he said, adding that police also are responsible for restoring calm to cities and border regions.

"The country developed significantly during the harsh economic sanctions, thanks to the endeavor of the Iranian people."

Valor and resistance of the people and the guidance of the Leader pave the way for the achievements, Rahmani Fazli said. Lack of security will discourage both domestic and foreign investors from investing in the country, he cautioned, adding that police are in charge of maintaining political and social order and security nationwide.  

"The US and the Zionists seek to undermine the Iranian economy and dissuade foreign investors from coming to Iran," he said, urging the people to exercise vigilance.