“Hope Faction” in the Making

“Hope Faction” in the Making “Hope Faction” in the Making

A newly elected lawmaker said a big meeting of the winners of Majlis votes included in the List of Hope will be held next Saturday, in preparation for the formation of the "hope faction" in the next parliament.

"The gathering will be held with the presence of election winners on the List of Hope from all over the country, in which [leading pro-reform figure Mohammad Reza] Aref will deliver a speech," Mahmoud Sadeqi, a representative of the capital Tehran to the next assembly, told Fars News Agency on Sunday.

The List of Hope was a joint list of candidates linked to reformists and allies of President Hassan Rouhani, headed by Aref, which attained major achievements in the two rounds of legislative polls on February 26 and April 29.

Sadeqi said the gathering is aimed at preparing the ground for the formation of the joint faction of reformists and government backers.

"This meeting is the first step, in which views will be exchanged on future plans and coordination will be established among faction members," he said, announcing that a draft statute of the faction will also be unveiled. The reformist politician said the "hope faction" will be officially formed after the opening of the next Majlis on May 28.

In the recent Majlis elections, the alliance of reformists and pro-government forces managed to end the 12-year-old dominance of principlists, although it failed to secure an absolute majority.

In Tehran, the biggest and most important constituency, the List of Hope won a sensational victory and swept all the 30 seats.