Tehran Welcomes Belgian Firms, Investors

Tehran Welcomes Belgian Firms, InvestorsTehran Welcomes Belgian Firms, Investors

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is keen to launch dealings with Belgian firms and investors in the business-friendly atmosphere that has emerged after last year's nuclear agreement went into force in January.

"Iran welcomes Belgium's public and private investors and entrepreneurs for cooperation in the absence of sanctions," Rouhani was quoted as telling a top Belgian parliamentary official by IRNA.

The accord emerged from marathon negotiations between Iran and P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany).

In a meeting with the visiting president of the Belgian Senate, Christine Defraigne, on Saturday, Rouhani underscored the EU's effective role in concluding the accord.

"The nuclear agreement is only the beginning rather than the end of the way. It can only be upheld by timely and complete implementation of mutual commitments," he said.

"There is great potential for the promotion of Iran-Belgium ties and we should tap this potential to increase bilateral economic cooperation."   

The president referred to terrorism as a "global threat", stressing that the anti-terrorism campaign should address all forms of terrorism.

"Terrorists should not be divided into good and bad to serve one's short-term interests," he said.

Rouhani criticized the EU's delayed reaction against the spread of terrorism.

"Unfortunately, Europe remained largely silent during the years terrorism was raging in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. By the time Europe joined the fight against this evil phenomenon, it had already been engulfed in its flames," he said.

Defraigne said her side is eager to see a new chapter open in bilateral relations.

"Brussels is ready to cooperate with Tehran in all areas of mutual interest," she said.

She praised Iran's stance on the campaign against terrorism, saying, "Iran is the key to regional stability and can play a major role in fighting terrorism, and Brussels is standing by Tehran."