US Puts Hegemony Before Democracy

US Puts Hegemony Before DemocracyUS Puts Hegemony Before Democracy

The United States is ready to violate any democratic principle to boost its political and economic clout, President Hassan Rouhani said in the wake of a ruling by the US Supreme Court against Iran.

The court upheld an initial verdict by a federal court in 2007 that nearly $2 billion from Tehran's assets blocked by the US must be paid in compensation to the families of American soldiers killed in attacks blamed on Iran.

It found that the US Congress had not usurped the authority of the courts by passing a law in 2012 allowing the frozen funds to be used to satisfy the judgment.

"Some countries do not consider themselves confined to any boundaries when it is a matter of power, money, economy and influence," Rouhani was quoted as saying by IRNA in a speech at a ceremony in Tehran on Thursday to mark National Day of City and Rural Councils.

He said his government has assigned a special working group to investigate the issue.

"This working group has been instructed to release the findings of their investigation to the public in a clear and transparent report. The people should be informed of the status of their national wealth," he said.

"The overseas reserves of any country's central bank are protected by law. No domestic court is allowed to order that the reserves of other countries be seized."

Rouhani noted that the US should be held accountable for the "wrong, illegal" move.

"The Iranian government and nation will spare no effort to reclaim their rights," he said.

The president also highlighted the key role of the councils as a link between people and their representatives in the parliament, saying that through councils "popular views and demands from across the country are collected and communicated to the heart of the establishment [the Majlis], thereby helping involve the people in running the country."