Iranian Firms Ready to Implement Macedonia Projects

Iranian Firms Ready to  Implement Macedonia Projects Iranian Firms Ready to  Implement Macedonia Projects

President Hassan Rouhani said Iranian companies are capable of implementing development projects in Macedonia.

Speaking in a meeting with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki in Tehran on Monday, Rouhani said Iranian firms are equipped with extensive engineering experience, especially in building roads, dams and power plants.

"Iranian companies are active in many countries and definitely, they will be able to perfectly implement projects in Macedonia," he said.

The president said although the two countries have immense capacities for boosting cooperation, the low volume of bilateral trade indicates that the potential has not been tapped.

Rouhani noted that the ground is prepared for taking collaboration to a higher level after the lifting of international sanctions on Iran, but opportunities should first be offered to private sectors of the two sides to enable them to make contacts and work together.

Poposki said the path to increased collaboration is clear and stressed Skopje's determination to strengthen ties. The Macedonian foreign minister said his country will soon open its embassy in Tehran to help develop contacts, as a prelude to greater cooperation.

On the same day, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met Poposki, after which they held a joint press conference.

Speaking in the press conference, Zarif said ways of developing economic, political and cultural relations were discussed in the meeting.

The Iranian minister hoped the trip would help open a new chapter in bilateral ties, in line with the two nations' interests.

Poposki said in his discussions with Iranian officials that the latest developments in the Middle East and challenges confronting the Balkan Peninsula, including the refugee crisis, were reviewed.

"Such consultations will continue and the two sides will improve their coordination in the international arena," he said.