Youth, Women a Priority for Reformist MPs

Youth, Women a Priority for Reformist MPsYouth, Women a Priority for Reformist MPs

Reformists and moderates plan to focus on the problems of youth and women in the next parliament, which is set to convene in late May, an incoming reformist lawmaker said.

A joint list of reformist and moderate candidates for the Tehran constituency secured a landslide victory over conservative contenders in the Feb. 26 parliamentary elections by winning all the 30 seats of the capital in the 290-member legislature.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in the western province of Ilam on Sunday, Mostafa Kavakebian said creating jobs for the youth, defending women's rights and helping create a more decent life for the youth and other segments of the population top our parliamentary agenda.

"In the future Majlis, we plan to promote peace by steering clear of domestic and international tensions and conflicts, and avoiding threats and sanctions, so we can develop a positive interaction with the world," he said.

Kavakebian highlighted economic problems as the main challenge facing the country, the resolution of which, he said, requires a "clean Majlis" to take charge.

"The Majlis should not be corrupted by power, wealth or rent-seeking. Every representative should feel independent and free to talk on behalf of the people," he said.

Runoffs are expected within days, in which 136 candidates will vie for 68 seats that remained vacant, as candidates in 55 constituencies failed to garner the minimum 25% of the votes.

Asked about the possible composition of the prospective parliament, Kavakebian predicted that the reformist-moderate coalition will be in the majority by holding 160 seats.