American Unipolar Tendency Has Failed

American Unipolar Tendency Has FailedAmerican Unipolar Tendency Has Failed

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the US-led unipolar system for governing the world has failed.

In an address to the first meeting of parliament speakers of Eurasian countries in Moscow on Tuesday, Larijani pointed to the rising number of conflicts around the world as a sign of the system's failure, IRNA reported.

"The unipolar system led by the US has proven ineffective in maintaining peace, as various crises are raging across the world," he said.

"Today, the US itself has become a problem for the international system and cannot be an anchor for others."

The Iranian speaker added that other types of polarity in international relations such as bipolarity, tripolarity and multipolarity will also be ineffective in solving problems, but a model similar to the European Union, in which all countries work together on an equal footing, has the chance of succeeding.

"Countries do not want to be under the control of others anymore," he said.

Larijani was in Russia to attend the two-day Eurasian parliamentary meeting, along with 18 other parliamentary leaders.

The top lawmaker was also slated to meet other parliament speakers on the sidelines of the meeting.