Commander Outlines Army's Plans, Achievements

Commander Outlines Army's Plans, AchievementsCommander Outlines Army's Plans, Achievements

A top military commander announced the army's plans for the current Iranian year (started March 20) and elaborated on its latest achievements.

Speaking in a press conference in Tehran on Monday, Army Commander Lieutenant General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said the force aims to stage four major war games this year.

The first exercise codenamed "Beit-ul-Moqaddas", which will begin on May 23 in Isfahan Province, is aimed at boosting the readiness of forces in proportion to possible threats, Fars News Agency reported him as saying.

The army will also hold 17 specialized exercises focused on missile, airborne, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare, hostage rescue and crisis management," he said.

Pourdastan said the army will unveil its latest achievements during military parades on the occasion of National Armed Forces Day on April 17, which marks the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces.

"A self-propelled air defense system named Bahman, a tactical vehicle called Kian and a reconnaissance vehicle designed to carry out missions related to recognition, sampling and decontamination of nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical threats, dubbed Shahram, are among the pieces of military hardware that will be displayed," he said.

Pourdastan noted that a large number of modernized chieftain battle tanks, sniper rifles and various light and heavy vehicles will be delivered to armed forces this year.

The commander announced that the new domestically manufactured tank Karrar will be unveiled in one or two months, while Iran is also seeking to equip armored units with the Russian-made T-90 tank.

On security threats in border areas, Pourdastan said the army stands fully prepared to counter such challenges, which largely come from terrorist groups supported by certain regional countries.

"Some regional states are interested in the presence of terrorists at Iran's border areas, but we are not facing such threats," he said.

Pourdastan said his forces disbanded a cell affiliated with the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group in February-March after it entered Iranian territory and two terrorists equipped with suicide belts were killed.