India Releases Iranian Sailors

India Releases Iranian SailorsIndia Releases Iranian Sailors

An Iranian diplomat announced that a number of Iranian sailors recently detained in southern India were released and flown back to the country on Friday. Hassan Nourian, consul general in the Indian city of Hyderabad, told IRNA that the sailors left India's Cochin Airport for Dubai, and will leave the Arab city for Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran at 18:00 local time. "An Indian court had earlier ruled that the 10 sailors be released," the Iranian official said, adding that in a Monday meeting with the judge, it was decided that the boat's captain would also be released after paying a fine. Nourian pointed to the release of the fishing ship, noting that it has technical problems for now and will be delivered to its owner once the problems are fixed.

"The Iranian sailors were freed thanks to efforts by Iran's Consulate in Hyderabad and the embassy in New Delhi," he said. The fishing ship was stopped and captured in July 2015, with 12 crew members on board near Kerala in southern India. The sailors were then transferred to prison.