IRGC to Mass Produce New Speedboat

IRGC to Mass Produce New SpeedboatIRGC to Mass Produce New Speedboat

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps will begin the mass production of a new type of naval boat with a cruising speed of 80 knots, a senior commander announced.

Speaking to Tasnim News Agency on Sunday, IRGC Naval Force Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said the speedboats are going to be mass produced in the near future. Back in May 2015, the commander said his forces were testing military speedboats with a breakneck velocity of 110 knots (203 km/h).

Fadavi also pointed to the local experts’ ability to design and test military boats with speeds of up to 120 knots in a naval research laboratory with a test basin. The speedboats are seen by many military experts as IRGC’s trump card, in case of any direct confrontation with US warships. The IRGC Naval Force says the security of Persian Gulf can be ensured without the presence of foreign forces, particularly the Americans.