Lawmaker: Reopening of Canada Embassy Likely

Lawmaker: Reopening of Canada Embassy Likely Lawmaker: Reopening of Canada Embassy Likely

Ezzatollah Yousefian, a member of the central council of the Majlis principlist faction, said the reopening of Canadian Embassy in Tehran is possible.

"If the new Canadian government avoids its predecessor's policies and makes up (for them), reopening the country's embassy is not unlikely," ICANA quoted him as saying on Sunday.

On Tuesday, speaking at the opening of a conference at the University of Ottawa, the Canadian foreign minister highlighted the need for reopening the country's embassy in Tehran.

"Canada's embassy in Iran has been closed for over three years. With which results? ... Today, Canada must return to Iran to play a useful role in that region of the world," said Stephane Dion as quoted by the official website of the Canadian government. "We are being asked by all sides to reengage and we are doing so."

Referring to Dion's remarks, Yousefian said, "Iran is among the most powerful countries in the region. Any country that maintains ties with Iran enjoys a winning card in the international arena."

The legislator mentioned Russia and China as Iran's allies, to which other countries reach out when they need the vote of the Islamic Republic in international summits or forums.

"Canada was aware of the advantages it could gain by maintaining ties with Iran. But its former government deprived it from enjoying such benefits by following American policies," Yousefian said.

The lawmaker noted that Iran's approach to Canada differs from its policy toward countries such as the United States and Britain.

"The strict stance [that Iran] adopts regarding relations with the US and Britain will not be applied in the case of Canada. However, Canada's government has committed some mistakes in various fields, including human rights. If the new government compensates them, then they can develop strong ties with Iran," Yousefian added.

In September 2012, the former Canadian government severed relations with Iran and cut all diplomatic contacts with the country.

Canada shut its embassy in Tehran and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave the North American country within five days. The two countries maintain interests sections in the embassies of third countries though.

However, Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has adopted a new approach. His affiliated party won the election on October 19, 2015, with a promise of change, including alternations in foreign policy.

The Iranian parliamentarian believes that Ottawa needs to broadly revise its foreign policy, otherwise it cannot fulfill its promises.