Bahrain Calls for Iran’s Policy Shift

Bahrain Calls for Iran’s Policy ShiftBahrain Calls for Iran’s Policy Shift

Bahrain’s foreign minister said on Friday Bahrain and other Persian Gulf Arab states are ready to turn a new page with Iran if it changes its policies.

“The main step is that Iran must completely change its foreign policy toward the countries of the region,” Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said in an interview with the Al-Arabiya news channel.

Tehran says it is high on its foreign policy agenda to develop friendly ties with regional countries.

The top Bahraini diplomat also said Persian Gulf Arab states are prepared to confront Iran over its foreign policy.

Bahrain cut diplomatic relations with Iran in January, one day after Saudi Arabia severed ties with the Islamic Republic following attacks by demonstrators on its diplomatic missions in Tehran and Mashhad in response to Saudi Arabia’s execution of eminent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

“We send a message to Iran and to all its followers. We are now serious about confronting it and we have no hesitation to defend our people, states, interests and brothers in the region because this is a vital issue for us,” Sheikh Khaled said.

Some Persian Gulf Arab states accuse Iran of interfering in their internal affairs, a charge denied by Iran.