Canada Regrets Cutting Ties

Canada Regrets Cutting TiesCanada Regrets Cutting Ties

Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion said his country's severing of diplomatic ties with Tehran back in 2012 "had no positive consequences for anyone."

"Canada's severing of ties with Iran had no positive consequences for anyone: not for Canadians, not for the people of Iran, not for Israel, and not for global security," Dion said on Tuesday at the opening of a conference at the University of Ottawa, Macleans news website reported.

He noted, "Canada's embassy in Iran has been closed for over three years. With which results? Is it right to need to count on Italy to protect our interests in this country?"

The Canadian foreign minister stressed the need for reopening the country's embassy in Tehran and said, "Today, Canada must return to Iran to play a useful role in that region of the world… We are being asked by all sides to reengage, and we are doing so."

Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper cut diplomatic relations with Iran in September 2012, citing, among other pretexts, what he described as "continued threats from Iran to Israel."

The Canadian government closed its embassy in the Iranian capital and demanded that Iranian diplomats leave Canada within five days. The two countries maintain interests sections in the embassies of third countries.

However, Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to reopen the country's embassy in Iran.

The Liberal leader rode a late surge to a stunning majority election victory on October 19, 2015, toppling Harper's Conservatives with a promise of change and returning a touch of glamor, youth and charisma to Ottawa.