Gov’t Staunch Supporter of Resistance Economy

Gov’t Staunch Supporter of Resistance Economy Gov’t Staunch Supporter of Resistance Economy

In a meeting last Sunday with high-ranking executive officials, President Hassan Rouhani said the government will put its full support behind the implementation of Resistance Economy, a set of policies proposed by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to boost economy based on domestic capabilities.  

The Leader has named the new Iranian year (started March 20) as "Economic Resistance: Action and Implementation."

According to IRNA, Rouhani set out the government's policies on Resistance Economy and listed the features of such an economy: "This economy is self-developing and export-oriented, strong and impregnable against foreign threats, and enjoys investment and technology. This operational policy will be pursued vigorously in the post-sanctions era."

According to the president, supporting domestic production, curbing inflation, creating jobs for young people, developing constructive interaction with the world and attracting capital and modern technologies are key steps in its implementation.

Rouhani hailed the measures taken in previous years, especially last year, believing that these have facilitated the use of favorable conditions created by the nuclear deal with major powers.

At the first Cabinet session in the Iranian New Year, the president talked about the nuclear pact as a significant political and economic event in the history of Iran and the world.

  Main Concern

Appreciating the Leader's naming of the new year, he said, "This shows that economy is also the main concern in the eyes of the Leader."

Rouhani stressed that all executive organizations are obliged to provide people with detailed reports on changes taking place over the course of the past two months after the implementation of the deal.

However, Rouhani said more time is required to gradually improve the conditions and attract investment, technology and develop economic interactions. Regional and European countries' increasing interest in cooperation with Iran was the fact he referred to as the nuclear agreement's most important achievement so far.

Rouhani fully backed the measures employed to boost the country's defense power.

"We will take any move required for strengthening the country's defense capacity. It is our strategic policy. Nevertheless, we have to be careful not to provide the enemies with any pretext," he said.