Saudi Arabia Victimizing Lebanon to Cover Up Mistakes

Saudi Arabia Victimizing Lebanon to Cover Up MistakesSaudi Arabia Victimizing Lebanon to Cover Up Mistakes

A senior diplomat lashed out at the Saudi government for mounting an unfair campaign against Lebanon to whitewash its failure to topple Syria’s government. “Saudi Arabia is still looking for a victim rather than trying to make up for its mistakes in Syria and is now seeking to punish Lebanon,” Foreign Ministry’s Director General for International and Political Affairs Hamid Baeidinejad wrote in a message shared on his Instagram page, Tasnim News Agency reported.  After expelling Syria from the Arab League, Saudis wrongly believed that the ground was prepared for the Damascus government’s downfall, but after its failure to topple the Syrian government, Riyadh has now decided to mobilize the Arab states against another Arab nation, namely Lebanon, he added. “Saudi Arabia, which feels rancor toward Lebanon’s Hezbollah because of the movement’s support for the Syrian government, has now pressurized the other members of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council … to force the Lebanese government to drive Hezbollah out of Lebanon’s political arena.” The remarks came after the Arab League foreign ministers on Friday declared Hezbollah a “terrorist organization”.

Earlier last week, the (P)GCC had also branded Hezbollah as a terrorist group.