Israeli Nukes Threaten Global Peace

Israeli Nukes Threaten Global PeaceIsraeli Nukes Threaten Global Peace

Iran says the Israeli regime’s arsenal of nuclear warheads is “a real threat” to regional and international peace and security. Reza Najafi, ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, reiterated on Wednesday that the Israeli regime has never allowed IAEA inspectors access to its secretive and illegal nuclear facilities, and called “meaningless” the concerns by Tel Aviv about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. “Let Israel keep shedding crocodile tears on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program! But be sure that such hue and cry cannot conceal the regime’s nuclear weapons, which are a real threat to regional and international peace and security,” Najafi said in an official letter to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, Press TV reported. Elsewhere in his letter, Najafi criticized Amano for allowing demands for an in-depth report about Iran’s commitment to its nuclear agreement with major powers, saying any such request is “inconsistent” with the text of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, issued last July to endorse the deal. “A detailed report means inclusion of more confidential information, which is contrary to the principle of confidentiality.”