Conditional Welcome for Canadian Embassy Reopening

Conditional Welcome for Canadian Embassy ReopeningConditional Welcome for Canadian Embassy Reopening

A lawmaker said the reopening of the Canadian Embassy in Tehran will be welcomed, if Canada rethinks its misguided anti-Iran policy and adopts a "rational" approach.

A member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Abbasali Mansouri Arani, made the statement in an interview with ICANA on Wednesday.

Arani was referring to the remarks of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday in which he reiterated the desire to reopen Canada’s Embassy in Tehran.

Trudeau expressed his willingness to lift sanctions on Iran and referred to the nuclear deal between Iran and major powers an “excellent step”.

The lawmaker denounced the past government of Stephan Harper that severed ties by taking an "unrealistic and spiteful" policy toward Iran.

"Before the new government in Canada took office, it was Ottawa that cut its relation with Iran and closed its embassy," he said. "If they put aside their negative approach, the embassy can be reopened in Tehran."

However, Arani said the new government so far has taken a relatively logical stance toward Iran, which can help improve relations.

The lawmaker said to start the process of restoring diplomatic relations, diplomats from the two sides should begin discussions.

Harper’s administration suspended diplomatic relations with Iran in September 2012, citing among other pretexts what it described as continued threats from Iran to Israel.

Back then, the Canadian government closed its embassy in Tehran and demanded that Iranian diplomats leave Canada within five days.