Positive View on Afghanistan

Positive View on AfghanistanPositive View on Afghanistan

Government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht on Tuesday underlined Iran’s positive view of Afghanistan and emphasized that the neighboring country’s progress is significant to Tehran. “The growth and development of Afghanistan are important to us,” Nobakht said in a press conference in Tehran, according to Tasnim News Agency. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always had a positive view toward its neighbor.” He referred to reports of insults to Afghan immigrants in Iran and stressed that Afghan refugees are brothers and sisters of Iranian people, and no one is allowed to insult these guests. “These people have certain rights and even though they might not be considered citizens, the rights of these dear people should be observed,” Nobakht said, apologizing for certain insults to Afghan immigrants. Iran has hosted Afghan refugees since the late 1970s following the occupation of their country by the former Soviet Union troops.  Although many of those refugees have returned to their country voluntarily, there are still hundreds of thousands of documented and undocumented Afghans in Iran.