New Parliament Can Help Revitalize Economy

New Parliament Can Help Revitalize Economy  New Parliament Can Help Revitalize Economy

The government looks forward to joining hands with the incoming parliament to help advance ongoing initiatives aimed at revitalizing the domestic economy, the president said.

Iran was freed from international sanctions after the historic nuclear deal reached with P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) last year took effect in mid-January.

In exchange for the sanctions relief, the agreement has subjected Tehran's nuclear program to temporary curbs, which deal the current conservative-controlled parliament has seized upon to denounce as a capitulation to the West.

The outgoing lawmakers have been seeking to scuttle President Hassan Rouhani's plans to capitalize on the opening created by the removal of sanctions and the resultant inflow of foreign investment and technology to jumpstart the economy.

A Rouhani-allied coalition of moderate and reformist candidates performed unexpectedly well in the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections late last month.

They swept all parliamentary seats and 15 out of the 16 assembly positions in Tehran, raising hopes for a new parliament more aligned with the Rouhani administration.

"The government is ready for close cooperation with the new Majlis," Rouhani said during a public address in the central city of Yazd on Monday.

He said his government has had a proven record since assuming office in 2013 and succeeded in preventing a devaluation of the national currency and boosting employment amid plunging oil revenues, IRNA reported.

"Despite the fall in crude prices, your elected government has efficiently propped up the national currency, promoted stability and calm in the market and restrained inflation," he said.

"The critics should consider that the government has run the country by selling oil at $25 per barrel."

Rouhani noted that his government has created 600,000 jobs over the past two years, while the previous conservative government that earned huge revenues from oil sales at over $100 a barrel generated "no employment" for the youth.