Dates Proposed for Runoff Elections

Dates Proposed for Runoff ElectionsDates Proposed for Runoff Elections

Interior Ministry spokesman, Hosseinali Amiri, said on Sunday the ministry has proposed two dates for runoff elections among the remaining parliamentary hopefuls.

Amiri said the ministry has informed the Guardians Council that it is ready to hold the runoff elections either on April 15 or April 29, Tasnim News Agency reported.

He said the two dates have been proposed to the Guardians Council to make the final decision.

Amiri noted that runoff votes will take place in 29 provinces for the remaining 69 seats of the parliament.

Like the previous round, he said, candidates will have a week for campaigning and their campaigns will officially end 24 hours before the beginning of the votes.

Countrywide parliamentary elections as well as Assembly of Experts votes were held in Iran on February 26.

More than 60% of some 55 million eligible voters cast their ballots at around 53,000 polling stations across the country.

Over 4,800 candidates ran for the parliament. There are 290 seats in the Iranian Parliament, known as the Majlis, elected by direct vote of people in nationwide elections for a four-year term.