69 Majlis Seats Up for Grabs in April Runoff

69 Majlis Seats Up for Grabs in April Runoff69 Majlis Seats Up for Grabs in April Runoff

Head of the Election Headquarters Mohammad Hossein Moqimi said the fate of 69 vacant parliamentary seats is to be decided in the April runoff, in which 138 contenders will contest.

Addressing the press in Tehran on Wednesday he said that 221 Majlis seats out of 290 were filled in the primary vote last Friday, IRNA reported.

According to the electoral law, in any of the total 207 constituencies where the winners cannot secure a minimum tally of 25% of votes, a runoff will be held.

Moqimi noted that in the tenth Majlis, women will have a larger share of seats than the ninth Majli. "Of 280 women who ran for the Majlis, 14 have won seats and nine others will compete in the runoff."

This will be the highest number of women entering the legislature after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, if any of the nine female candidates win a seat in the second round. There were 14 women lawmakers in the fifth Majlis.

The election official confirmed that the elections were held without any dispute or disruption.

"Only one complaint for the Experts Assembly and a few for the Majlis have been registered and are being addressed," he said. "We hope the Guardian Council will soon approve the outcome of the vote so we begin preparations for the runoff."

The Guardian Council is a 12-member constitutional body tasked with vetting the candidates and supervising the elections, while the Interior Ministry is in charge of conducting elections.

For the first time, the votes for the Majlis and the Assembly of Experts, the 88-member clerical body tasked with electing and overseeing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, was held simultaneously in 52,000 polling stations across 31 provinces last Friday.

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli put the voter turnout at 62%. For Tehran, from around 6.6 million people eligible to elect 30 lawmakers and 16 theologians for the assembly, Fazli said about 3.3 million had cast ballots, which means a 50% voter turnout in the capital.

After examining the qualifications of a record 12,123 individuals registered to run in the parliamentary vote, the Guardian Council approved the credentials of 6,233 candidates, but 4,844 finally contested the vote.

According to the Majlis returns announced by the Interior Ministry, Tasnim News Agency reported that in the constituencies where the results are final and there will be no run-off, principlists had secured 46% of the vote and 37.5% belongs to reformists, while candidates said to be "government backers" and independents garnered the remaining 16.5%.

This is while in Tehran, an alliance of reformists and pro-government groups made a big win by securing all 30 seats.

Since the last three parliaments were dominated by principlists, the results for the current parliamentary polls can be considered a significant achievement for reformists and their pro-government allies.