Backing for Syria Peace Efforts

Backing for Syria Peace EffortsBacking for Syria Peace Efforts

The recently enforced ceasefire in Syria will facilitate a political settlement of the conflict and Iran will continue supporting efforts for establishing peace in the crisis-torn Arab republic, Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi told Sputnik on Sunday. “The ceasefire in Syria is a nice turn for the country. It will help political solutions and move away from military solutions,” Sarmadi said. Reiterating the approval of the special UN envoy for Syria of the role Tehran played in negotiations, Sarmadi said Iran will continue to support efforts to bring peace to Syria. “We value the role of Russia and the efforts it made to reach an agreement on the ceasefire and to maintain its compliance to the present day,” he said. The deputy minister said the relative calm presented a “good opportunity to work on the challenging humanitarian issue in Syria and to deliver aid to the needy.” Sarmadi praised the Syrian government forces and its allies for abiding by the truce, but warned that belligerent armed rebel groups may violate the ceasefire.