Next Majlis Should Help Create Prosperity

Next Majlis Should Help Create ProsperityNext Majlis Should Help Create Prosperity

President Hassan Rouhani said the next parliament, whose elections are due to be held on Friday, should help the government get the country out of economic recession and bring about prosperity.

Speaking in a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Rouhani called on all Iranians to cast their votes in the elections and pave the way for economic recovery.

The president explained that while the path has become clear for rebuilding the Iranian economy, all three branches of power should move side by side to achieve that objective.

"To achieve development and prosperity, all branches should join hands," IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying. "The strong participation of people in the elections can help prepare the ground for this."

Rouhani also said high voter turnout will increase Iranian clout by showing people's unity and add to the country's social capital, what he described as "a basis for many achievements in future".

"People's participation in the elections ... shows that the system is built on democracy," he said. "High voter turnout will be a sign of people's resolve to decide their own destiny."

The president said the Middle East situation also requires people to go to polling stations, because eyes are on Iran to promote stability in the war-torn region.

"We should not only protect the stability and security of our country, but take major steps to promote stability and security in the region," he said.

About 55 million Iranians with over 18 years of age are eligible to vote in the two elections scheduled for Friday.

Over 6,200 candidates deemed eligible to run for the 290-seat parliament by the election vetting body of Guardians Council had one week from Thursday to conduct their campaigns.

For the Assembly of Experts, a body in charge of selecting and overseeing the performance of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, the council approved 161 hopefuls to vie for 88 seats.

Wednesday is the last campaigning day for both elections and candidates are barred from publicity activities on Thursday.

The Interior Ministry announced that at least three days are needed for the results of parliamentary elections in the capital city of Tehran to be announced, but for some other constituencies, the returns can be announced at the end of the election day.

Majlis seats are distributed among 207 electoral districts. With 30 seats, Tehran has the largest constituency.