Limited Candidates Prevent Effective Parliament

Limited Candidates Prevent Effective ParliamentLimited Candidates Prevent Effective Parliament

A lawmaker said he believes that flaws in the vetting process of hopefuls for the Feb. 26 legislative poll have undermined people's role in and prevented the formation of a "real" parliament.

In an electoral meeting on Monday, Ali Motahhari added that he agrees that candidates should possess the basic requirements, but by taking only the political persuasions of candidates into account has given rise to arbitrary vetting.

According to the constitution, the Guardians Council is charged with supervising the elections and vetting the applications.

Composed of six experts in Islamic Law and six jurists, the Guardians Council investigates the candidates and is advised by different government bodies such as the Ministry of Intelligence and the Ministry of Justice.

"If we want to impose suitable candidates on the society ... it would prevent people from growing socially," he said.

Widespread disqualification of reformist hopefuls for the Feb. 26 Majlis elections by the council has met with strong criticism of reformists and pro-government figures, known as moderates.

The lawmaker said the election law needs to be modified, hoping the tenth Majlis would take steps to prevent the problems from being repeated in future elections.

Motahhari leads the Voice of Nation list of candidates for Majlis elections, an independent list for the capital city of Tehran whose campaign slogan is "Economic boom, civil rights".

The lawmaker is also included in the joint list of candidates who are reformists and pro-government, known as moderates.

About 55 million Iranians with over 18 years of age are eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections.