Tehran, Sarajevo Share Anti-Violence Stance

Tehran, Sarajevo Share Anti-Violence Stance Tehran, Sarajevo Share Anti-Violence Stance

Bosnia and Iran, which are facing threats from terrorist and extremist groups, share a common position on the campaign against violence and extremism, Bosnia's foreign minister said.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran are located in different parts of the world but both face the threats of extremism and violence," Igor Crnadak also said in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on Monday.

"The two sides share similar views on the fight against violence and extremism," ISNA quoted Crnadak as saying.

The two top diplomats discussed how to boost economic and tourism cooperation, ease visa requirements, restore banking relations to pre-sanctions levels and confront common challenges in the region. Pointing to international efforts to find a political settlement to the five-year-old war in Syria, he said, "I hope that the initiatives put forward in this regard, particularly to establish a ceasefire, will prove effective because the region is now desperate for peace."

Crnadak said a refugee crisis, which has driven millions of Syrians from their homeland to seek refuge in neighboring and European countries, is a direct outcome of the war.

"Although we are not affected by the refugee crisis, we are closely monitoring the issue," he said.

"No country wishes Europe to be flooded by refugees and it is an important issue being discussed by European countries."

The Iranian foreign minister reiterated Iran's position that no military solution can settle the Syrian conflict and outside actors should not intervene beyond helping facilitate a diplomatic process.

"Iran will support any form of truce," he said.

Zarif pointed to the shared historical and cultural heritage between Iran and the Balkan countries and said, "We are glad to see that Bosnia and Herzegovina has emerged from a period of war and bloodshed, and Bosnians are now living in peace."