Maximum Voter Turnout Boosts Int'l Power

Maximum Voter Turnout Boosts Int'l PowerMaximum Voter Turnout Boosts Int'l Power

The Foreign Ministry's spokesman hoped the Iranian nation will help raise Iran's international status and add to its power in the global arena through maximum participation in the Feb. 26 Majlis elections.

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, Hossein Jaberi Ansari explained that the parliament has an important role of overseeing Iranian foreign policy and the result of votes can strongly affect relations with other countries, ISNA reported.

"We hope that with the informed and wise choice of the Iranian nation, a strong parliament will be formed in line with the interests of Iran and demands of the nation," he said.

Asked to comment on the recent statements of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in a Friday interview with Der Spiegel that many Saudi diplomats have been killed by Iran, the spokesman said many claims of the current Saudi minister look like a joke.

"This statement could only be true if Saudi Arabia had issued diplomatic passports for terrorists fighting in Iraq and Syria," he said.

Iran has sent military advisers to Iraq and Syria to help fight the terrorists wreaking havoc in the conflict-stricken countries.

"Some attacks on Iran's diplomatic missions, including the attack on Iranian Embassy in Beirut, were carried out by terrorist groups that were led by Saudi citizens linked with Saudi intelligence," he said.

Ansari was referring to the 2013 blasts outside Iran's diplomatic mission in the southern neighborhood of Janah in Beirut that left 25 people dead and 140 injured.

An al-Qaeda-linked group, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, had claimed the bombings. The leader of the terrorist group at the time was Saudi national Majed al-Majed.

Ansari noted that these claims are being made while Saudi Arabia is widely known to be supporting terrorists in Middle East, which are causing widespread instability in the region.

The spokesman denounced Saudis for continuing to use "divisionary tactics" to divert attention from their internal problems, hoping that they will stop playing futile games to manipulate public opinion.