Anti-Terror Measures Before Elections

Anti-Terror Measures Before ElectionsAnti-Terror Measures Before Elections

A week before the February 26 elections in Iran, Deputy Chairman of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Masoud Jazayeri announced that necessary measures have been taken in different parts of the country to counter the possible infiltration of terrorists. Speaking to Tasnim News Agency on Friday, Jazayeri said terrorist groups are now active in the region due to the support provided by the US and some regional countries. “Accordingly,” he said, “the Islamic Republic of Iran has made great efforts since a long time ago to prevent the terrorists’ infiltration and acts of sabotage in different parts of the country, particularly along the borders,” he said.

Jazayeri hoped that Iran’s measures would bear fruit and the Iranian nation would not suffer from any act of terrorist groups.

Asked about the latest moves by terrorists along Iranian borders, he did not mention any particular move but stressed that terrorists may make certain moves every now and then across the country’s borders.