Political Parties Help Foster Tehran-Ankara Relations

Political Parties Help Foster Tehran-Ankara RelationsPolitical Parties Help Foster Tehran-Ankara Relations

Alireza Bigdeli, Iranian ambassador in Ankara, met with Kemal Kilicdaroglu, president of the Republican People’s Party, the second largest party in the Turkish Parliament, at the end of his mission in Turkey.

According to IRNA, both sides underlined the importance of the contribution by the two countries’ political parties to fostering mutual relations.

Kilicdaroglu commended Iran for its recent international achievements in the field of foreign policy and hoped that such a valuable opportunity is seized in boosting ties between the two nations and governments.

Referring to the Syrian crisis, the head of the Turkish social-democratic party emphasized the necessity of adopting a peaceful strategy in ameliorating the unfavorable conditions through negotiation.

The Iranian ambassador appreciated the social-democratic party’s cooperation with the Iranian nation and government.

“On the way toward sustainable development, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey are capable of playing complementary roles in [developing] bilateral relations and [improving conditions of] the world of Islam,” he said.

Bigdeli mentioned the significant status of parties in Turkey in forming the Turkish legislative body, electing the government and in decision-making and policymaking.

“It is of great importance to strengthen ties between the political parties and movements of the two neighbors to help enhance relations among the people, parliaments and parties,” he said.