JCPOA Compliance So Far “Strong”

JCPOA Compliance So Far “Strong”JCPOA Compliance So Far “Strong”

Washington’s UN ambassador, Samantha Power, said on Monday compliance with the Iran nuclear deal was so far “strong”, but claimed Tehran was still helping fuel conflict and remained a threat. “What this deal [formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] does if implemented—and so far the implementation has been strong but it’s very early days—is it cuts off the pathways to a nuclear weapon and it gives us much more visibility into Iran’s program than we had before,” Power told students during a visit to Israel, AFP reported. Iran says its nuclear activities are totally peaceful, denying any military aspects to the program.  She alleged later that “Iran of course is still a threat. Iran is supporting terrorism. Iran is supporting parties to conflict (in Syria)…”  Last July’s Vienna agreement between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany sees sanctions lifted in return for Tehran limiting its nuclear program. Israel strongly opposed the deal.