Moscow Favors Wide-Ranging Ties With Tehran

Moscow Favors Wide-Ranging Ties With Tehran Moscow Favors Wide-Ranging Ties With Tehran

A senior Russian lawmaker said the European country is willing to develop wide-ranging relations with Iran.

In an interview with IRNA in Moscow on Saturday, Russian State Duma Vice Speaker Nikolai Levichev said the strong will of the leaders of the two countries is a guarantee of strategic relations.

"We support increased cooperation with Iran in different fields, including industries, high-tech and military," he said. "We also encourage Iranian presence in Russia, which is in line with the benefits of the two nations."

The head of Russia-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group also touched upon an agreement to simplify visa procedures that the two countries have just begun to implement, describing it as a major step toward better ties.

"It will prepare the ground for expansion of scientific cooperation, in addition to facilitating the exchange of tourists and students," he said.

Iran and Russia are working toward removing visa requirements for their citizens at a time of a changing geopolitical landscape, which has made closer tourism cooperation more viable.

Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei said last week the measure is the first step toward abolition of visa requirements for tourists of the two countries.

"After the signing of an agreement on easing visa requirements in 2015, this will be a step toward abolition of visas for tourist groups," Sanaei told reporters in Moscow.