Cruise Missiles Delivered to Air Force

Cruise Missiles Delivered to Air ForceCruise Missiles Delivered to Air Force

A batch of domestically developed air-launched Nasr (Victory) cruise missiles was delivered to the Air Force on Tuesday.

Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan officially delivered the cruise missiles to the Air Force in a ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, which was also attended by Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Hassan Shahsafi, Dehqan said one of his ministry’s top priorities is plans to design, optimize and upgrade the systems and equipment that the Air Force requires for aerial battles.

As regards the features of the missile, the minister said the air-launched version of Nasr can be mounted on different types of fighter jets. Nasr had been originally designed and manufactured as an anti-ship cruise missile, but the country’s experts managed to modify it to be employed for aerial missions.

Back in August 2015, at a ceremony to inaugurate the production line of the air-launched version of Nasr, Dehqan noted that thanks to its radar tracking system, Nasr can hit targets with high precision.